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A truly unique 12 part social media campaign partnership to search for and honor people from across the United States who dedicate themselves to giving back to their communities.
Jeep/NBA/USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Team
6th Man Campaign
Bryan Cranston, Jalen Rose, the USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Team

The Jeep 6th Man Contest was a 12-part branded social media campaign partnership with the NBA, the USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Team and Jeep to find and honor people from across the country who have dedicated their lives to making a difference in their communities by making them the Honorary “6th Man” on the USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Team. Launched with Jalen Rose, with the rest of the campaign voiced by Bryan Cranston, this series called for entries from across the country with six finalists chosen and profiled. Online voting chose 2 winners who were given $20,000 for their favorite charities at a ceremony held during a USA Men’s Olympic Basketball exhibition game in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The completed series was made up of a dozen pieces filmed in as many states and included: a launch video hosted by Jalen Rose, documentary profiles of each finalist for the voting round, follow up videos with the winners, their charities, and the ceremony presenting the winners with $10,000 for their charities, plus the awards weekend in Las Vegas. This entire campaign was launched, curated, filmed, edited, and aired in 4 months.


After initial creative and messaging meeting with the clients, Fire Starter Studios wrote, filmed and edited the launch video with Jalen Rose to kick off the campaign explain the purpose and ask for submissions from around the country.

After the finalists were chosen, Fire Starter began with a research phase. We conducted extensive research on the finalists, their families, their charities and people in the community that have benefited from the work the finalists have done. Then our creative team went to work to determine how to tell each and every finalists’ very different story while maintaining a cohesive theme and feel for the series adhering to the standards of these phenomenal brands. After completing the research, we traveled our crews to each finalist’s location and shot in their home state to tell their story. Once completed, we got to EDIT! These pieces took a life of their own in the edit phase, creating a unique and compelling story for the viewer to experience the nominees passion for their communities and the charitable work they do in them.

After the winners were chosen, FIre Starter crews met them in Las Vegas and documented their experiences including the awards ceremony during a USA Men’s Basketball exhibition game and created several episodes announcing the winners and showing their action packed trip to Las Vegas. Finally the series concluded with follow ups featuring how winning the 6th Man Campaign impacted the winners and their charities.