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Why Fire Starter
Unmatched Expertise
2-Time Primetime Emmy® Nominees
Fire Starter’s co-founders are experienced producers with roots in live television, a fast paced medium where there are no second takes. They decided to take that same level of expertise required in television and film to clients beyond just the industry. Everyone at Fire Starter takes pride in creating broadcast quality content no matter what the project or budget may be.
Locating Fire Starter in the heart of the entertainment industry provides unbeatable access to top talent, equipment and facilities both in front of and behind the cameras. Recent projects have seen Fire Starter Studios collaborating with Bryan Cranston, Carrie Underwood, Gary Sinise, Jalen Rose, and Robert Redford.
Capitalizing on its entertainment industry resources, Fire Starter Studios stays up to date with all the latest innovations. This provides clients not just the newest technologies, but advice on what will be the best fit for each project and budget level.
The common thread through all Fire Starter Studios work whether television or film, documentary or animation is a passion to tell great stories.
Whether you’re making a feature film or introducing a new product the goal is to engage your audience and make a lasting impact. The most powerful way to do that is by telling a compelling story. Fire Starter Studios creates targeted, engaging story driven content across all media.
Creating a great story requires collaboration at all levels and during all stages of production.
Fire Starter works closely with networks, brands, clients, and talent to identify the most compelling aspects of each project and craft the most powerful way to express that message to the desired audience.
1300+ Clients
Fire Starter Studios is a favorite of multinational corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits along with entertainment based platforms for film, television and streaming.
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3 distinct techniques
Fire Starter Studios is a unique, comprehensive content creation company that brings together three key techniques of storytelling under one roof: animation, traditional production, and virtual reality.
Live Action

Documentary is the most powerful way to tell engaging, human stories. It creates a personal, emotional connection with an audience and makes a deep and lasting impact.


Animation brings imagination to life. It grabs the audience’s attention, keeps them engaged, communicates complex ideas quickly and concisely, and leaves a lasting impression. With animation the impossible is possible.


Scripted is a way to create a “must-see” experience for any brand.

The Power Of The Moving Image
Video is the most powerful way to communicate any message. It engages audiences, builds relationships, grows sales, and creates a lasting impact.
The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
Source: Hubspot
YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every day.
Source: Hubspot
By 2019 80% of all Internet traffic will be video.
Source: Cisco