leading video production company in Los Angeles

Fire starter studios, top video production company in Los Angeles, produces virtual reality videos, animation videos and traditional videos with similar aplomb. This is why this video production company ranks very high in the list oftop video production companies in Los Angeles. There are some distinct advantages of operating out of Hollywood for any video production company. Access to quality talent, equipment and facilities better than anywhere in the world is ensured. Fire starter studios has taken full advantage of being Hollywood based and produced some wonderful VR, animation and traditional videos.

Virtual reality videos are shot using special omnidirectional cameras making 360 degrees filming possible. These videos provide far more immersive and interactive experience for users compared to traditional videos or animation videos. Fire starter studios has produced many VR videos that give theusers feeling of being part of the scene. Users feel as if they are part of events happening in the video. It is a misconception that special equipment is needed to watch VR videos. One can watch VR videos on mobiles and other devices. Fire starter studios has attained expertise in commercial applications of virtual reality videos and used it for immersive product launches, VR experiences, educational experiences, virtual tours and virtual field trips.

By virtue of its untiring efforts, Fire starter studios has today become a leading animation video production company. Animation is best medium for giving shape to your imagination. Fire starter studios recognises the fact that animation videos can leave a lasting impression on the viewers, grab their attention instantly and keep them engaged. All Fire starter animation video productions showcase aforementioned characteristics. Fire starter studios produces animation videos for product launches,social media campaigns, brand campaigns etc. It uses animation as marketing tool very innovatively. Its animated explainer videos have been widely appreciated.

Despite wide usage of VR videos and animation videos still traditional videos have not lost their relevance. It seems most real as it has been in use for longest time. It forms emotional and personal connect with viewers and leave a lasting impact on the psyche. Traditional video applications of Fire starter studios includes social media campaigns, scripted series, documentary films, nonfiction, branded digital series, docuseries etc.

Fire starter studios has done the unthinkable, it has brought three storytelling techniques – animation, traditional production and VR, under one roof. World has recognised the power of moving images and Fire starter studios has utilised that power to the hilt. It has got primetime Emmy nomination twice.It is no mean achievement.