Prominent video production company in Hollywood, Fire Starter Studios

One video production company in Hollywood has managed rarest of the rare feat of bringing three storytelling techniques – animation, virtual reality and traditional video production, under one roof. Are you curious to know the name of this video production company? It is Fire starter studios. It  produces traditional videos,virtual reality videos and animation videos with comparative ease and has earned pride of place in the list of top video production companies in Hollywood.

Hollywood – a perfect base for any video production company

Fire starter studios has reaped many benefits by basing itself in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Visible beneficiary is definitely Fire starter studios but ultimate beneficiaries are clients of Fire starter studios. No wonder, today this video production company has become favourite of government agencies,non-profit organisations, multinational companies, small companies and entertainment industry (film, television, streaming etc.), and has large clientele of 1300+ clients. Operating out of Hollywood has been a factor in the grand success of Fire starter videos. Following are some benefits that accrue due to Hollywood base:

  1. Connections – Hollywood is no doubt famous for film and television production but it is a great base for video production companies too. There are too many benefits of being Hollywood based for any video production company. Hollywood is bank of creative talent. Fire starter studios has forged connections and relationships with industry leading professionals by virtue of its Hollywood location as most talented professionals are found in Hollywood.
  2. Expertise –Video production field is crowded and making a mark in this field is not easy. Fire starter studios knew from the outset that it will be difficult to convince the clients to choose them over others. They knew that telling stories more effectively than the peers was the only path that could take them to success. For this they needed to put to use best in industry knowledge, experience and talent. Where could they expect to find best in industry knowledge, experience and talent? Of course Hollywood. So, they based themselves in Hollywood. Hollywood provided best talent, experience and knowledge to Fire starter studious and helped it in accomplishing its objectives.
  3. Equipment – Fire starter studios has access to best in industry equipment due to its location in Hollywood. Quality of animation, VR and traditional videos of fire starter videos reflects this fact.


Hollywood location advantage has helped Fire starter studios a lot in establishing itself as one of the best video production companies in USA. It has got primetime Emmy nomination twice. You can rely on this video production company for traditional, animation and VR videos.