Video Production Services

Why is Fire Starter Studios busy offering video

Videos are not the next big thing for internet, in fact domination of videos on the web was long established. Today more than 80% of internet traffic is credited to downloading and streaming of videos. Video content upstaged text content long ago compelling people to hunt for companies providing video production services. Fire Starter Studios is fulfilling the need of such people by providing cutting edge video production services. This video production company is operating out of Hollywood, Los Angeles and is crossing one milestone after the other at breakneck speed. It has been virtually rendered peerless because of its incomparable expertise.

Co-founders of this top of the block video production service provider are from live television background, where second take possibilitysimply does not exist, so quite unsurprisingly this company has earned Primetime Emmy nomination twice in a jiffy. This Los Angeles based content creator of unparalleled reputation puts valuable experience of co-founders to great use in its endeavour to cater to the needs of clients outside the film and televisionindustry. Neither budgetary constraints nor nature of project is let to deter production of broadcast quality content.

Benefits that are available to Fire Starter Studios (FSS) because of being based out of Hollywood ultimately benefit its clientele. There is no better place than Hollywood to access quality talent, latest equipment and top class facilities instantly and so operating out of Hollywood is in itself a big deal. Collaborationof FSS with Robert Redford, Gary Sinise, Carrie Underwood, Bryan Cranston and Jalen Jose for recent projects are examples of benefits accrued because of being based in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Entertainment industry resources of FSSand its persistencewith endeavour to stay up to date with newest of innovations ultimately benefits its esteemed clientele. Clientsof Fire Starter Studios are not only reaping benefits of newest technologies but also receiving precious advice regarding best fit solutions.

Powerful storytelling is the USP of video production services of this company

Just pick up any work of FSS – film, television, documentary or animation, and experience for yourself their passion for compelling storytelling. Point to be noted here is that there is no better way to engage your audience and leave a lasting impact on their psyche than to tell a compelling story, be it feature film or be it ad film to introduce new product. Maybe this is the reason behind uncanny fixation exhibited in all Fire Starter Studios productions for compelling storytelling. Fire Starter Studios is consistently creating story driven content for all media. Collaboration at every level and across all production stages is necessary for creation of engaging story driven targeted content that can leave lasting effect. This illustrious video production company has garnered 1300+ clients and is a favourite of multinational companies, government agencies, small and medium enterprises, non-profit organisations and entertainment industry (television, streaming, film etc.).

Three key storytelling techniques under one roof

Three key storytelling techniques of traditional production, animation and virtual reality (VR)is under one roofcourtesy Fire starter studios. If you want viewers to keenly engage with your brand then you can trust VR and 360° for exceptional results. Fire Starter Studios can be contacted for development of VR content like Virtual field trips, Immersive product launches, VR experiences, Virtual tours and Educational experiences for extraordinary results. To bring imagination to life animation is being constantly used. It is known to leave lasting impression on the psyche of audience by instantly grabbing their attention and keeping them engrossed for considerable period. It communicates complex ideas in most simplistically. One can rely on FSS for animation content like Product launches, Brand campaigns, Marketing tools, Explainer videos, Social media campaigns, Series etc. All types of animation like – 2D, 3D, Character animation, Motion graphics etc. are being churned out constantly by FSS. Advent of animation and VR has not discounted significance of traditional production is still regarded as most convincing way to convey stories. It leaveslong lasting impact on the psyche of the audience through emotional and personal connect.FSS uses speciality cameras and techniques for traditional production like – Documentary films, social media campaigns,scripted series, nonfiction, branded digital series, docuseries and many more.