10 Tips to creating a magical explainer Video


Creating a Magical Explainer Video

  • BE GENUINE TO YOUR BRAND! – Just because the latest and greatest video you’ve seen was a guy making fun of everything, doesn’t mean this will work for your company or product’s. Take time to REALLY understand who your customer base is. What tone will tell your message the best? Don’t second-guess your brand.
  • PAIN POINTS – What is the solution your brand provides to customers?Pain points are the issues that keep your customers up at night. Explain what your product does to SOLVE their pain points.
  • INTERESTING VISUALS – Choose visual elements that make a lasting impact.Do you really need to show a person sitting at a computer screen typing? Especially in animation, the sky is the limit!Free yourself to make a really interesting piece of content, not just a show and tell explainer video.
  • A KILLER SCRIPT – You may want to write your own script – AWESOME!But if you want the help of a professional, by all means USE ONE!These writers are experts in saying what you want to say in a more entertaining and succinct way, which will save not only time, but money too.
  • SHOW YOUR COMPANY OR PRODUCT’S BENEFIT – What can it make you feel like?How is it to experience what you offer?Instead of showing what the produce DOES, show what the product solves – the results.
  • SHORT AND SWEEET!!! – Being concise is key.Keep their attention, tell your story, and then leave them wanting more! Shorter is also a big plus if you want to use your video on social media.
  • BE CREATIVE – Have a blast! Have unicorns tell your story. Show your demo on a cloud – literally.Take the gloves off and make a unique video that people will watch, pass around, and talk about even if they don’t need what you are selling.Exposure is great, too!
  • A PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER – The tone, sound, clarity, and fit for your message is hyper important.Spend the extra time to listen to VO Talent and pick the one you love.
  • YOUR WEBSITE – It might seem obvious – BUT IT ISN’T! Don’t let that one slide. Be sure you’re pointing viewers to your website or a call to action.
  • UNIQUE ANIMATION –You don’t want to be just another video in a sea of videos.Find a company that has a style you like and go in that direction.This is your calling card, so take time to find out what you want your video to look like and invest in that company.This is your big chanceto appear professional, high quality, and like an authority or tocommand a sale.

MAKE IT COUNT!You only have one shot for your video to impress a new or existing client.Invest the time, energy, and your marketing budget appropriately to represent your company best.

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