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23 Nov: The Power of Great Production Scheduling

The Power of Great Production Scheduling Whyyyyyyyy would I want to take time out of my day and read about great production scheduling? It is usually someone’s least favorite thing to do. But I LOVE IT. The production schedule is where reality sets in. Most importantly, it’s where the magic happens, and where the plan your entire team will follow…

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29 Oct: 3 Benefits of Animated Commercials

3 Benefits of Animated Commercials What’s super cool about audiences today is that they are open to a wide variety of commercial formats and businesses can benefit from the use of animated commercials. However, many business owners wonder which is the right way to go. The answer really depends on their brand and their marketing strategy. Once that is on…

Fire Starter Studios congratulates World Food Program for Nobel Peace Prize

12 Oct: World Food Program

World Food Program Winners of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize “The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is a humbling, moving recognition of the work of UN World Food Programme staff who lay their lives on the line every day to bring food and assistance to close to 100 million hungry children,…

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25 Jan: 5 Tips and Tricks of an Organized Project Manager

As a project manager, there are so many moving parts of every video’s production to keep track of. For any given video, I’m the centralized point person for our clients, sales team, scriptwriters, voiceover artists, storyboard artists, and animators. Now add on top of that 20 other videos in production under my direction at the same time, all at different…



BE GENUINE TO YOUR BRAND! – Just because the latest and greatest video you’ve seen was a guy making fun of everything, doesn’t mean this will work for your company or product’s. Take time to REALLY understand who your customer base is. What tone will tell your message the best? Don’t second-guess your brand. PAIN POINTS – What is the…


08 Dec: Want Your Video to Be Memorable? Use Non-Realistic Characters.

“Why are their bodies so round? That’s not very realistic.” “Their heads are much bigger than their bodies. Please make them look more realistic.” “Why is this taking place in the jungle? Animals can’t be doctors for other animals. People are going to think our medical group is a vet. Please make all characters human.” “We choose Option 2, but…


06 Dec: Branded Content KO’s Pre-Roll Ads

Everywhere you looked this past year brands were talking about making the pivot to video, but just because a company makes a marketing video, doesn’t mean people will actually watch it.   As many as 90% of people skip pre-roll video ads, so how do make sure yours gets seen?   As more consumers reject ads, native branded content is…



Pepsi, Starbucks and McDonalds are brands, right? Yup.   But so is your company! No matter how big or small your company might be, start to think like the giants. This roadblock to marketing might keep you from catapulting into the next level. As a brand instead of a start-up or small business, you will free yourself to start thinking…


01 Dec: So You Want to Make a Viral Video

A common request we get a lot here at Fire Starter Studios is “can you create an animated “viral video” for me.” While we certainly understand the desire behind this request, this is akin to saying, “I also want you to make me irresistibly attractive to the world!” Don’t we wish we could! But like waving a magic wand to…

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