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Branded Content

These days, the words explainer video can leave a negative taste in your mouth.   Why? Because if you hear another video that starts “So, you’re…” YOU’RE GONNA SCREAM! These videos are also known to be formulaic and familiar. Why not create a completely different visual and memorable path? There is usually only one time to get in front of a new customer, so why do you want to look like everyone else? Branded content doesn’t just explain your company or product or service, it speaks to your audience. It can be about a pain point your customers can solve by using your brand – not just about your brand. Open your mind to longer formats or multiple series style to keep them coming back for your next “episode,” or a live-action/animation hybrid. Bend the rules and truly engage with your audience.

Ikea in this ad does not talk about your normal discussion about furniture. It could speak about assembly, pricing or opening stores.   Instead, Ikea appeals to the heart in a branded content spot, showing a reason why customers should like Ikea the brand, not necessarily an Ikea lamp.

Not to beat a dead horse butIkea created a 25-minute ASMR video, or autonomous sensory meridian response, by genius and Madison Avenue giant Oglvy. What does this mean? A woman walks through the video and makes soothing sounds that create a response in the viewer – running her hand across a sheet on a bed, fluffing pillows, they all bring a certain calming response with them.

With this boundary pushing content in mind, think of ways you can do this with your brand.

1. Create content that stands on it’s own and in uniquely your brand.

2. Be original – don’t always say, “make me a video like this one.”

3. Use animation or add graphical style that stands out.

4. Choose a partner company who can break out from the low quality pack.

5. Be careful about who you choose – what you settle for shows your brand’s quality and commitment to itself.

6. This is the impression you are giving to customers, investors, clients – craft it with care.

7. Try unusual characters to tell your story! If you sell cat litter, have the cat do it!

In finding your way though this maze of catchy words and redundant phrases in a typical explainer video, close the door and think about what you want to tell your customers.   What is their pain point and how can you solve it? THEN, turn your idea into something memorable! The best explainer videos are one’s that show you are a brand that has thought about it’s customer base, knows they want to be memorable and cares about their image.   High quality content marketing is still one of the main ways to achieve a digital marketing success.

So, get out the pen and paper (or “Siri write this down…”), and recognise that you are a brand and start to plan your next move as one.

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