So You Want to Make a Viral Video


A common request we get a lot here at Fire Starter Studios is “can you create an animated “viral video” for me.” While we certainly understand the desire behind this request, this is akin to saying, “I also want you to make me irresistibly attractive to the world!” Don’t we wish we could! But like waving a magic wand to become Jennifer Lawrence or Benedict Cumberbatch, you can’t “make” a video that goes viral.

But we can helpyou create a video with the potential to go viral.

According to Wikipedia, a viral video is “a video that was created and becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email.” No videos are created with the sole intent to go viral; it really comes down to the somewhat random happenstance of “the right people” discovering the right video at the right time and deciding to share it with more of “the right people.”So to create the social impetus for sharing a video, there are a few angles you have to consider when designing your video:

  1. Know your audience. Whether you are aiming to capture the attention of C-level executives or draw the eye of Millennials, everyone has one thing in common: They want to be entertained. But the group you entertain might not be the kind who is as active in social media. Videos only go viral if they find their right audience and that audience is active in sharing.

2.Use one of the 2 most common uniting elements in viral videos:

  1. Funny, unexpected humor: If your product is relatively ordinary, your video has to be funny in a unique way. It’s not enough to simply throw in a couple of lighthearted, silly visuals and wonder why your video isn’t going viral. Your video is essentially an advertisement for your business, so think about ads that have gone viral in the past few years. The unexpected pairing of relatively commonplace products with off-the-wall videos can have a great potential to go viral.
    Old Spice

    Dollar Shave Club

  2. The video tugs at people’s hearts: Think about Budweiser’s Superbowlcommercial featuring the horse and the puppy who are best friends. Does this have anything to do with beer? Not a lick. But does it make people say “Awwww!” Oh yes. You don’t have to feature humans to make a video relatable or endearing. In fact, it’s probably a better idea that you don’t. Need more proof? Talk to Pixar.

So, go boldly off into your creative hearts and make something that will give the Internet something to talk about and go viral!

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