Your Company is a brand – Start Thinking Like One !!


Your Company is Brand

Pepsi, Starbucks and McDonalds are brands, right? Yup.   But so is your company! No matter how big or small your company might be, start to think like the giants. This roadblock to marketing might keep you from catapulting into the next level. As a brand instead of a start-up or small business, you will free yourself to start thinking like the big boys!

A few things brands do that you can too…

  1. Use new technologies – Understanding new technology trends allows your brand to create content in a smaller competition pool, which increase its chances of being consumed. When VR goes mainstream, brands likeMarriott will be ahead of the competition because of its years of experience.
  2. Show, don’t tell – use the power of video to create a unique and memorable experience. Allow customers to see your flair, feelings, quirky or not-quirkiness.
  3. Create an experience with your brand – film a documentary about your customers, about a topic related to your brand, or to show a process rather than just telling people about your company.
  4. Become an expert video destination – host a number of branded content videos on your site for OTHER companies to use as a reference! If you are a realtor and host videos on the home buying process, other customers and realtors alike can use you as a reference to hosting expert video on this topic.

Always be true to your brand. While certain companies can get away with pushing the boundaries of humor, in a campaign for a non-profit that feeds deserving children, that might not be appropriate. Don’t just go for what’s hot at the time (can you make a video like this one?) Try and really reach for what is unique and special about your brand.

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