01 Dec: So You Want to Make a Viral Video

A common request we get a lot here at Fire Starter Studios is “can you create an animated “viral video” for me.” While we certainly understand the desire behind this request, this is akin to saying, “I also want you to make me irresistibly attractive to the world!” Don’t we wish we could! But like waving a magic wand to…


29 Nov: What is creative storytelling? Why you should care

First of all, the reason you should care… Creative storytelling engages the viewer with your content. It brings them into your world and creates empathy and connection to your brand or product. Viewers that identify with your product on an emotional level are much more likely to turn into loyal customers. With creative storytelling, the content creator works with you…


27 Nov: Not your Momma’s Explainer Videos – Branded Content

Branded Content These days, the words explainer video can leave a negative taste in your mouth.   Why? Because if you hear another video that starts “So, you’re…” YOU’RE GONNA SCREAM! These videos are also known to be formulaic and familiar. Why not create a completely different visual and memorable path? There is usually only one time to get in…