3 Benefits of Animated Commercials

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3 Benefits of Animated Commercials

What’s super cool about audiences today is that they are open to a wide variety of commercial formats and businesses can benefit from the use of animated commercials. However, many business owners wonder which is the right way to go. The answer really depends on their brand and their marketing strategy. Once that is on track, the question becomes: Should the commercial be animated or live action?

Animated vs. Live Action

We produce both animated and live-action commercials. Why? Because we LOVE producing both. When time and ad budget are factors, here are three reasons to consider creating an animated commercial.

1. Cost

Animating a video can be just a fraction of what it costs to shoot live action. Seriously.

In a live action video, you have to factor in the costs for:

  • Having the script written
  • The actors
  • Any voice over work/recording studio fees
  • Wardrobe
  • Set design
  • The actual rental fees of the studio, location, or set you’re looking to shoot at
  • A producer, director, and all the other above the line positions
  • Cameras, lights, sound equipment, etc.
  • All the necessary crew members needed to run the above equipment
  • Craft services
  • An editor
  • A colorist
  • Audio mixing and sweetening
  • Many other costs that can come up like drones or travel.

The costs can easily creep up into tens thousands of dollars for a 30-second spot, some cost millions. But with an animated video, you do away with many of those positions and only need:

  • A script writer
  • A voiceover artist
  • An illustrator/animator 

That’s it!

Therefore, at Fire Starter Studios, we package these services together for ease of purchase (and we throw in a professional project manager to help the entire process run as smooth as a dolphin’s butt.)

2. Animated Commercials are Future Proof

Animating a video is much easier to edit when your business grows and changes from year to year. You don’t have to call back the entire cast and crew to shoot a revised segment. Ever try to get a herd back into the pen after they’ve been let free into the wild? It’s far quicker, simpler, and less expensive to animate a revised scene. And it also allows for a pickup recorded for the voiceover if needed.

3. The Sky’s the Limit with Animated Commercials

The best part about animating instead of shooting a commercial is the sky’s the limit! Literally! It doesn’t cost you more to animate a rocket taking off into space than it does to animate someone typing at their home computer. If you can imagine it, we can animate it. Plus, when you have no boundaries on what you can creatively put on screen, you’re far more likely to keep eyes on those pre-roll ads you’re paying dearly for on YouTube. 

We’ve done a lot of animated commercials here at Fire Starter. We thrive on projects that we can take from soup to nuts. The whole magilla. Start to finish. Most of our clients come to us with a concept and we take that puppy and ignite it. We work collaboratively with our clients to stay on brand, on time, and on budget. Ready to ignite your concept?

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