Branded Content KO’s Pre-Roll Ads


Everywhere you looked this past year brands were talking about making the pivot to video, but just because a company makes a marketing video, doesn’t mean people will actually watch it.


As many as 90% of people skip pre-roll video ads, so how do make sure yours gets seen?


As more consumers reject ads, native branded content is on the rise, outperforming pre-roll ads across various key indicators like affinity, intent, and recall.


People may be skipping anything that seems to be an ad, but they watch videos for their content, which is where Branded Content becomes so important.

Branded content increases revenue, increases brand awareness, and gets more evergreen bang for your marketing buck?


Branded content engages and builds trust with the consumer by giving more than it takes. It informs and entertains while connecting back to your brand’s products or mission. It adds to the consumer’s experience, it doesn’t take away by hitting them over the head with an ad.


It’s not about making a direct sales pitch. Branded content is about creating a relationship in order to make future sales easier. Good branded content tells your brand story first and make a sales pitch later, if at all.


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