The Power of Video Content

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What is Video Content and Why Should I Use It?

If your company or business is still not taking advantage of video content, you are missing out. It’s time to join the video revolution!

Video content is any form of content that features or includes video. The idea of video content isn’t now, but now more than ever, it has become one of the major forms of marketing strategy. This strategy focuses on producing and sharing relevant video content with a brand’s target audience. Here are some examples of video content:

  • vlogs
  • animated GIFs
  • live videos
  • branded films
  • video testimonials
  • animated videos
  • educational videos
  • TV commercials

We could go on and on, but to simply put it— video content turns your marketing and content into epic sh*t. Video content is a creative’s playground for businesses to deliver their messages and leave a mark on their audiences. Video content is so powerful that it is known to drive audiences into action.

Businesses that Should Not Miss Out

Businesses that are known to rock and need video content are the following:

  • Ads agencies
  • Events planning
  • Training and instructional services
  • Film production houses
  • Music production
  • Fitness classes training
  • Travel and hospitality
  • Public relations
  • Real estate
  • Vloggers
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Education

Most, if not all, businesses will find that creating and sharing video content will be their ace in landing clients, closing deals, and driving sales. You don’t want to skip on the long list of benefits of video content.

Utilizing video content is your chance to make phenomenal sh*t, drive crazy sales, reach new people, and tell powerful stories.

The Perks of Video Content

At this point, you are probably already convinced of the wonders video content can bring to your business. But let us tell you more. (Because it is just that cool!)
Boost engagement. Because of video content’s nature to be rich in value and messaging, it becomes easy for audiences to interact and engage with your brand and content.

On top of that, the algorithm of most social media platforms favors video content because it captures a consumer’s attention longer.

Bump up sales Video content doesn’t always have to be an hour-long to convey a strong message. With the right creative direction, even a 15-second video content can ramp up your sales.

Videos have a stunning impact on the purchase decision process. They  help consumers decide whether or not your company could really help them with their pain points or if your company values match their aspirations.

The sales don’t start and end with online purchases alone. According to a study by Google, about 50% of online users look for videos related to a product or service before physically visiting a store or reaching out to a company.

Educate consumers. Video content taps into visual, reading, and auditory learning. All three combined reinforce and increase retention of messaging. Studies have shown that videos are more effective in processing information and improving recall.

If educating your audience is your primary goal, video content is your best bet!

Reach new audiences. Video content is known to drive viral content for brands. In other words, your content and business will get new eyes set on them. And of course, don’t all businesses love that?

There are loads of platforms packed with audiences who rave about quality video content— YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The more powerful your story-telling is, the more that the platform will push your content to new audiences.

Longer shelf life. Video content sticks around for a long time. For example, a video you post on a social media platform today can still perform well and drive results weeks and even months from now. Since videos essentially generate more interactions, it stays around the online ecosystem much longer.

Perfect for repurposing. Producing kick-ass video content is more time-consuming than posting photos or graphics. However, there are a million ways you can repurpose one video.

Some brands love to take snippets of clips from their long-form YouTube videos and reupload them on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. Other times, they take these videos on their official websites. Video content drives a great return on investment in money, time, and effort.

Ready to Make Sizzling Video Content?

Videos add value to your business and communicate powerful stories. They are also widely and easily accessible. If you’re ready to ignite your business or company using powerful video content, Fire Starter Studios could be the right partner for you. Fire Starter’s powerful video storytelling will your message with video content.

The power of video content

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